Iodine Skye

iodine sky

Illuminated Art

Iodine Skye - front.png

Iodine Sky is the name given to the collection of lighted art showcased on this site.  All pieces are designed and constructed by David Mahawili, a designer and artist based in Grand Rapids, MI.   Frames are constructed of laser-cut MDF and are lighted by proprietary LED modules.


nuclear fuchsia


nuclear fuchsia 2.png

Dimensions:  40 x 40 x 7"


white frame

gold frame 7.png

Dimensions:  40 x 40 x 7"


mandala - a

mandala - a 4.png

Dimensions:  15 x 15 x 3"


about the artist

David Mahawili

self portrait 3.png

I'm both an artist and an engineer, and yet neither one by itself is my true passion; what truly motivates me is a deep wonder and appreciation of the universe, both physical and experiential.  There are few things more satisfying to me than using my technical skill set to create something that fixes a mood or sensation into physical reality.  I bring this mindset with me into both my artistic endeavors and the engineering design work I do for my clients.  It's my spiritual practice and the means through which I explore the cosmos.  

The idea for these illuminated pieces originated in 2016 when I built a lighted frame around a 26x26" canvas print of a drawing by another artist.  The drawing —  a surreal representation of a woman's face — was inspiring to me, and I wanted to "shed light" on her solemn demeanor.  The project initiated a personal transformation I hadn't expected, as if her familiar expression was beckoning me to explore dormant personal qualities waiting to be brought to life.  The illuminated pieces I make today are the result of following that thread of original inspiration.  

Iodine means "violet-colored" in Greek, a reference to the color that symbolizes the edge of what can be known and what is yet to be perceived.  I view the creative process as a walk down the shoreline of the unconscious, excited to uncover the next thing I don't know.